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Sobrasada Spanish Style Salami

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Sobrasada Spanish Style Salami
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Aged 4 months. Amazing to cook with, or just spread on warm bread. Sobrasada is a powerful tool to elevate a wide variety of recipe staples, from eggs, to sautéed vegetables, to burgers, to bean stews, this is a duct tape of the kitchen!

Ingredients: Heritage breed pork, hand harvested sea salt, pimentón, garlic, gin, cane sugar, celery powder, starter culture.



Pork, sea salt, paprika, garlic, gin, celery extract, cane sugar, lactic acid starter culture


MADE WITH Sustainably raised pork (heritage breed, no antibiotics, vegetarian fed, no added hormones), hand-harvested, solar evaporated sea salt. Pimenton de La Vera and a splash of apple-based gin. TASTING NOTES Rich, smoky, woodsy, bright, floral. PAIRINGS ON - Hard, umami-centric cheeses like Manchego or Mahon. Dry ciders, sherry, cava, Rioja. WITH - Warm bread, honey, toasted hazelnuts, scrambeled eggs. Use as a base for sauteeing, braising, or roasting vegetables, potatoes, meats, legumes.
"The ductape of the kitchen!'

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