Rada Cutlery - Kitchen Knives & Accessories

Rada Cutlery has a long history of creating fine and affordable kitchen knives and accessories.  Their story began back in 1948 when the need for American businesses to produce for the war effort ended, leaving Rada with a bright future to look towards.  The focus shifted to create an all-American company to produce items for the everyday American family.  Rada Cutlery now had a specific direction and moved forward with the ingenuity and innovation that they are now famous for.

Their knives are created with surgical-quality, T420 high-carbon stainless steel.  Each blade is meticulously hand sharpened to a razor's edge with the utmost of care.  Every knife set and their accessories are created with the home chef in mind.  These also come with the peace of mind of their lifetime warranty and lifetime of use, guaranteed.  

When talking about their kitchen knives and accessories one must discuss their stainless steel knife sets.  Each knife set is set up to give the home chef the tool they need for the task at hand.  Whether you are looking to peel potatoes or ready to carve the holiday turkey there is a knife set for you.  This is a great gift idea for those that need a quality knife and accessory or someone just starting out their life and deserving the right start in life.

Rada Cutlery - Kitchen Knives & Accessories
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