Knife Sharpening & Restoration

knife center, knife sharpener

In the 28 plus years in the knife business I’ve discovered 3 things: 

1. A dull knife is a dangerous knife.
2. You’re either really good or really bad at maintaining your blade.
3. Everyone's an “expert” on how to sharpen your knife.

So how do you know what to do, how to do it, and when? 

What it comes down to is knowledge, patience, and the right tools for the job. That’s where I come in. I’ve had the pleasure, and sometimes the pain, of owning everything from your…high quality…gas station knife, to custom made collector blades, to name brand knives, to fantasy blades that took a college degree to figure out how to even hold them. Over the years I have had to learn, and sometimes painfully, how to keep these blades in working order.

knife center, knife sharpener

We have created a knife sharpening “club”. This club is going to do exactly what you think, sharpen your knife, along with a ton of other things. 

● Maintenance-Yes, you have to not only sharpen your knife occasionally, but you also have to clean it, oil it, retighten screws, etc. We will give your blade a once over every time you drop it off for service. If we cannot do something in house we will get you any information that our over 750 brand partners have to get your knife serviced.

● Knife Law Updates-We will update you with any and all pertinent knife laws and information as it comes in. This can be anything from current state laws to the latest updates from our partners. This way you can arm yourself against the “experts” who have no clue what is legal and what isn’t. Disclaimer time. I am not a lawyer. If I was, I would have a much nicer truck. Angry Chihuahua always recommends doing your own research. C.Y.A. at all times.

● Exclusive Knife Deals-Our brand partners are constantly coming up with new and exciting items from locking mechanisms that can ithstand over 750 lbs of weight without catastrophic failure, new items, dealer exclusives, discontinued knife sales, and so much more.

● Minor repairs-A lot of our brand partners will supply us with repair parts to help with minor issues like broken clips, missing screws, and more. Repairs are on a case by case basis. If we can help, we will. If we can’t, we will point you in the right direction.

● Restorations-Over the years I’ve restored everything from WWII folding machete to my very own Vietnam Era Spanish Bayonet. We will do what we can to clean up your collectible blades and put them back to use or back on display. All restorations are on a case by case basis. *Restorations are an additional fee*

knife center, knife sharpener

There are 3 different ways we can help you. 

● Method 1-Industry standard. Boring I know but better to let you know what to expect. This is a Pay-As-You-Go method. $1.00 per inch up to 8 inches. Put an edge on your blade and send you on your way. This can get a wee bit expensive if you want to sharpen more than 1 knife.
● Method 2-Monthly Sharpening Club. This is $19.95 a month. Bring all your knives and we will clean the blade, sharpen it, give it a once over to make sure the screws are tight and the knife is in working order, you will be signed up for our monthly email which includes the latest in knife laws, new products, and other content. First access to exclusive blade deals and features. All specials are pre-ordered and available for pick up the following month (shipping and delivery at an additional fee).
● Method 3-Yearly Sharpening Club. This is $219.45 a year. Basically, 11 months and get 1 month free.

So get your carving knife ready for turkey, your hunting knife ready for that deer, and your pocket knife ready for everything life throws at you. Sign up today! 


*Blade repairs are done on a case by case basis*

*Access to laser engraving at a club discounted rate*

Gibbs Rule #9: Never go anywhere without a knife. Thank you, NCIS!

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