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    Angry Chihuahua Brands LLC
    Whether you have traveled to Italy in the past or have always wanted to go, these traditional Italian bread sticks will transport you there in a flash.  Thin, rustic, crisp and irregular...


    Angry Chihuahua Brands LLC
    Love home cooked pizza, but find that making the dough is a hassle?  Here is the fix!  This mix makes 2 pizza crusts about 10 in. each or 1 large pizza crust.  All you add is water and...


    Angry Chihuahua Brands LLC
    There is a simple goodness to this Rosemary Garlic Beer Bread Mix. With minimal effort you get maximum flavor... Just add 12oz. beer & 2 TBLS. of melted butter to our Rosemary Garlic Bread Mix...
  • Sobrasada Spanish Style Salami

    Sobrasada Spanish Style Salami

    Charlito's Cocina
    Aged 4 months. Amazing to cook with, or just spread on warm bread. Sobrasada is a powerful tool to elevate a wide variety of recipe staples, from eggs, to sautéed vegetables, to burgers, to bean...
  • Knife and Tool Sharpener Axes etc

    Knife and Tool Sharpener Axes etc

    Green handle. Comes in multi-language packaging. Works on knives, axes, hoes and serrated edges. Uses no oils or stones. Tungsten carbide sharpener will not rust and can be cleaned in dishwasher...


    Cold Steel
    Honoring the name of Merrill’s Marauders - also known as Code name “Galahad”, the United States renowned assault unit within the South East Asian Theater of conflict - our Marauder Bowie is rugged,...

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Kershaw Brawler

Perfect Pocket Knife. This is a great knife. The assisted open makes it quick to deploy. I love the size, feel, and texture of the grip. It fits perfectly into my hand. I couldn’t ask for more from Kershaw

Michael R: 4/3/2022

Best Knife I Know The Select Fire

Working as a Landscape Consultant has its perks but it wasn’t always like that. I started in the field and needed something to cut weed eater string and tools to tighten screws when the constant vibration broke them loose. This knife has saved me so much time in the life span that I’ve had it. I actually ended up losing it installing some sod and bought another thankfully because I remembered where I got it. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this knife to anyone that needs form and function in their pocket at all times!

Marsha D: 10/15/2021

Gourmet Warehouse Kickin’ Strawberry BBQ Sauce

I love that this has no high fructose corn syrup, low sodium, and no MSG! Excellent sauce. Use it to make my quinoa black bean burgers.

Theresa G: 1/22/2022

Gourmet Warehouse Caribbean BBQ Sauce

Absolutely delicious! This is the absolute closest I have found to my homemade BBQ sauce. Quick, convenient, and reasonably priced. A rich, bold and delicious BBQ sauce. I highly recommend it. Low in sodium and sugar but a huge taste.

Stewart Q: 7/1/2018

Angry Goat The Phoenix

After loving the Hippy Dippy for a long time the Phoenix has come into play (I’m Scandinavian live in MN-I’m a mild guy) for my morning breakfast sandwiches. Thanks Angry Goat for continuing to look for cool/hot combinations that work well with all kinds of food. You’re great. Thanks from Minnie, Derek, Lisa, and Marty

Marty B: 9/26/2017

Angry Goat Goat Rider

Savory and flavorful heat. My son introduced me to this delicious sauce when I asked if any of his Hot Ones choices would be good in my Mac & Cheese. The deeply rich savory taste and lingering heat on the back of the tongue were a perfect complement to the creamy dish. Since that meal, we’ve tried it on eggs, home fries, and even sloppy Joes all with equally satisfying results. I’m not a fan of hot sauces that try to kill you by being painfully hot because they typically cannot be tasted. Goat Rider delivers just the right amount of almost-make-you-sweat heat while also enhancing whatever food you use it on.

Judy C: 12/5/2015

Hoff Sauce Original Sauce

Since we first tried it we always have this sauce in the fridge. It’s not super hot, which makes it really versatile, the flavor is amazing and it goes good with anything, my favorite foods to use it with are bread goods such as kolaches, biscuits, and pasta.

Caren G: 8/28/2013

Rada Tomato Slicer

I have use the tomato slicer for years that I got as a gift. I love it so much that I now have 18 to give to others as gifts. That tells the whole story as to what I think of the slicer.

Art B: 6/14/2020

Rada Knife Sharpener

I have used this type of knife sharpener close to 40 years. These are the very best. I’ve also given these as gifts to friends and family

Laura G: 1/5/2017

Rada Soups

I love the soups you have. So simple and easy to make and delicious I have made these several times. The Cheddar Broccoli is my favorite, but potato is close behind.

Cathy P: 3/31/16

Woodsman's Choice

I originally bought the War Hawk to ride shotgun, as a mean looking backup for self protection. But it really belongs on your side in the wild. I sit on 55 acres of Northern Maine Coniferous Forest that fears this thing. Breaking trail through the thick fir regrowth like a hot knife through butter. It's light, but balanced and holds a remarkable (unbelievable), edge.

Jeff S: 1/8/2010

Handed 21” Latin Machete-

Great cutting power, holds its edge. If you've ever bought a cheap hardware store machete you know how disappointing they are, they start to dull from the very first swing. It's because they're made of soft metal, either not tempered at all or tempered badly. This blade isn't even in the same category, they shouldn't be referred to using the same name.

Mark C: 11/7/2005

THE BEST Tactical folding knife in the WORLD!!! A+

I can not express how satisfied I had been with Cold Steel 4-MAX. My first 4-max was in CPM 20CV and I love it & still use it. But the new elite model is just out of this world insane. The quality, steel choice, design, tolerances, this is the best built knife. I used to only use fixed blades for outdoors and hunting, but I can 100% assure you 4-MAX is the ONLY tactical & outdoors knife that could withstand immense abuse and use. You will not be disappointed. This is not a simple folding knife, this is a tactical-survival all in one tool. You will not need any other knife ever!

Anthony Y: 2/21/2019

First Cold steel blade

First off no making fun of my name. This blade is the first cold steel blade I ever owned and it has currently been the best blade I’ve owned among many I have. I sold it unfortunately to my brother so I will be purchasing it again; a blade worth every dollar, got me through sticky situations outdoors and is super reliable concerning strength and versatility!

Tex S: 5/10/2021

Angry Goat Hot Cock

Another Perfect Hot Sauce-I am already a fan of the sauces and jellies that Angry Goat creates but I recently tried the Hot Cock, (Humorously interesting name) and it was absolutely excellent! The sauce has the perfect balance of great flavors with the good amount of heat to elevate anything that you add it to.

Scott M: 11/4/2020

Angry Goat Pink Elephant

Awesome Stuff-I love hot sauce, try a ton of brands and always at restaurants etc I can say this is one of the best brands I’ve ever had! perfect combination of flavor, sweet, and spicy! great stuff! definitely recommend for any hot sauce lovers!

Ryan S: 6/30/2019

Angry Goat Cherry Chipotle BBQ Sauce

It’s awesome! Perfect combination of tart with a bit of both sweet and heat. Love it!

Anne P: 7/19/2022

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